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Many people don't know, but just off the coast of Southern California there are some of the largest dolphins and their pods in the world. If you're looking for fun beyond the waves all year round, you'll see whales at Pico Rivera in California.

The Davey Locker observation tour is a wonderful way to get up close and personal with dolphins. You don't have to worry about the safety of the boat when you see dolphins and whales up close. Your children, family and friends will love seeing dolphins, whales and their pods for the first time. When you join the whale watching tours at DaveY LOCKER, you will also have access to the most beautiful views of Pico Rivera and the Pacific Ocean.

If you look closely, you will find that the zoo is also home to a large number of animals that can be found at the San Diego Zoo. The zoo also bears great similarities to the Pico Rivera Zoo and Aquarium in the Pacific.

The restaurant is open daily from 7: 00 to 22: 00 and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and lunch and dinner at weekends.

When the weather is warm, it is certainly the best time to leave, but the county limits the restaurant to 50% of its outdoor capacity and closes the outdoor dining area at the end of the day due to the threat of rain and strong winds. The lower prices may help offset rain or strong winds, but they are the most unpopular travel season. The owner hangs around in the dining room, which offers a very pleasant atmosphere and likes to meet with guests. When it is warm, this is the time when people usually go out in the summer, especially for lunch, dinner and weekends.

Pasadena did not follow suit, arguing that the rules were vague and ineffective, opting instead for increased enforcement of the coronavirus - restrictions that come with it.

We're able to do that because Pasadena has a few hundred restaurants, while the county has 30,000, city officials said. Our menu takes into account the fact that the products that are produced to ensure that our guests visit them are the ones we remember. We are excellently positioned at the farmers market and there are many exciting opportunities waiting for us.

For questions or information about the economic development project, please call 562 - 904 - 7151 and we are open to inquiries.

For more information on frozen food and other food service options, guests can contact us at 562-862-8800. The public can press the "Pound" button to follow the meetings of the council and planning commission. You can also enter the meeting ID number on the agenda of the meeting and contact the Public Information Officer at the Pico River City Hall at (888) 904-7151.

City officials will work with various partner agencies to postpone the event until a later date, and reimbursement for the course and event will be granted accordingly. Staff is also available during regular business hours at the Pico River City Hall at (888) 904-7151 for questions from the public and are available at any time during session time for questions from the Public Information Officer and other members of the community. The staff will also be able to answer questions for those of you out of town and / or in the city during normal business hours and at all other times during the day and evening.

To discontinue water service or report a problem, please call 562-904-7202 to report the Pico River Water and Sewer District Water and Sanitation Service. To report problems with the City of Downey Public Information Officer or any other public information officer, you can submit your report online or through the City of downey app. Open facilities of the city that you visit, such as the town hall, the police and the fire department, receive all services of the city free of charge.

During the closure of the Space Center, employees will explore ways to continue engaging the public through other digital means. The park will remain open during the closure to allow teams to play practice games and events.

Downey Farmers Market will remain open during the closure as it is considered an important facility such as a grocery store. The market is located on the corner of Main Street and Main Avenue in the city center, and many community members rely on the market to buy their groceries. It has been open for over 30 years, with over 1,000 sellers and over 100 sellers a day.

It is a great vantage point to see the city of Downey and the rest of Southern California and Catalina Island. On a clear day, it can be seen from the same Catalina island, and it can be seen as far as the San Gabriel Mountains and even as far as the Pacific Ocean.

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More About Pico Rivera