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Pico Rivera is a small town of about 60,000 people in southeast Los Angeles, California, north of Long Beach and LAX. Local real estate agents specialize in affordable single-family homes, which are typically more affordable than their counterparts in the city of LA. The availability of large houses at low prices makes the area popular with young families. Pico River California real estate: Located near Long Beach and near LAx, this is the perfect place for those who want to live and work in a city in Los Angeles but outside of Los Angeles. It is a great place to work and live if you are interested in an affordable family home with good value for money and good amenities.

This is the Rose Hills CDP, which lists home prices between $599 and $300 and is 7.1% smaller than the state of California. Pico Rivera is shown as a median owner's cost of $1,631, which is less than most other places in the area. This section shows the number of people owning homes in the metro area, and also provides the frequency and distribution of home prices in this area, is useful for understanding affordable housing funds, and provides a good representation of the overall housing market in Los Angeles County and the region as a whole, but is also a useful reference for the city of Long Beach and LAx, as well as other parts of LAX, for comparison with the states of California. It shows it has a mortgage for $28,000, which is about $2,500 lower than the median mortgage price for a single-family home in LA.

Pico Rivera has a 14% share of the total income from rent and a median home price of $1,737.

Pico Rivera is 23.4% higher in median real estate taxes than the US average of $2,471, and is about three-quarters the size of residential units. Measured by the state of California, it is about four times the size of Los Angeles County, with a median property tax of $3,818, but only about a third of that. The Pico River is also about two-thirds of its own size and 3.5 times smaller than the US average.

The share of renters (31.8%) is above the US average of 30%, but below Los Angeles County's 31%. The Pico Rivera is given a 3.54%, which shows the total number of apartments occupied by owners. There are approximately 1,500,000 units in the city that are owned or owned, compared with 31.16% of that rent, 3% of which are vacant. The share of tenants (32.4%) in the population is about 2,300,000 units of either property or property, compared to 30.00% who rent and 3.5% who are empty.

This building is located in a beautiful, safe area of Pico Rivera and is a great opportunity for investors, owners and users. If you would like to view the property you are interested in, please arrange a viewing today or contact us to arrange it today. You can also personally view this property at the Los Angeles County Office of Real Estate Management.

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More About Pico Rivera

More About Pico Rivera