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More than 1,500 cars were expected at the Big Butler Fairgrounds in Prospect on Tuesday to receive two boxes of food worth £25. A volunteer held up a sign reminding drivers to open their suitcases, while volunteers put bags and boxes of food in their cars to make unnecessary contact. Hundreds of Americans lined up Tuesday morning to get access to a much-needed food distribution from the Pico River Valley Food Bank.

Photos show cars lined up at the Big Butler Fairgrounds in Prospect near Salazar Road and El Camino Real on Tuesday morning. Crowds of cars waited while volunteers with mouthguards, gloves and high jackets helped distribute supplies.

Less is always looking for outstanding employees and we are now accepting applications for a variety of positions, including full-time jobs in the restaurant industry and temporary positions. We want to create a positive working environment for our employees and their families, and many of our employees who started part-time jobs have decided to pursue a long-term career. Our employees enjoy a positive working environment based on mutual respect and professionalism. You also enjoy flexible working hours, we want you to be part of the team, not just a Less employee, but also a member of the Pico River California.

If you are interested in building and advancing your career at Food 4 Less, we invite you to complete our online application today. We are looking for friendly, committed people who have a passion for serving and nurturing the human spirit. Our employees work in different department stores and share our commitment to be kind and caring to each other and to our customers.

In addition to our medical and retirement plans, we offer paid vacation and life insurance to our employees. Our career at Kroger Co., a family-owned company, offers a great opportunity for a career in the restaurant industry with great benefits and career opportunities.

Kroger is committed to feeding the human spirit (tm) by providing food for inspiration and prosperity in America, and creating communities with zero non-eroteric waste by 2025. Kroger's family of businesses employs nearly one million people serving customers in over 1,000 stores in the U.S. and Canada, as well as Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. Family businesses also operate grocery stores, convenience stores and other retail and food service businesses.

Although infection rates have slowed in parts of California, Los Angeles County remains the worst affected by the pandemic. This means LA accounts for more than half of all cases in the US and the second highest number in North America.

Several states have already begun to loosen the lockdown rules, but Pennsylvania has maintained its residency order under an executive order that currently runs until April 30. California will probably be able to lift the restrictions on COVID-19, "he said, outlining the state's steps toward reopening Tuesday. For now, Newsom is sticking to the "stay at home" orders, and Pennsylvania is upholding its "stay home" order, with the executive order currently running until April 30.

More than 26.5 million people filed new claims for unemployment benefits on March 21, representing just 16 percent of the American workforce, according to the Labor Department's latest figures released last week. The staggering rise in unemployment has wiped out the jobs gained during the longest employment boom in American history, and economists warn that the unemployment rate could reach as high as 10%, the highest in more than 30 years. It comes as millions of people in America are losing their jobs and households are in turmoil due to a coronavirus pandemic.

Residents are already feeling the toll of the pandemic, and the city expects up to 3,000 families facing food and economic insecurity to flock to food banks every day in desperate need of food. LA County's death toll and infections have accelerated in the past week, with 315 people dying and new cases confirmed in a seven-day period that ended Sunday, official figures released Monday night showed. Confirmed cases exceeded 20,976 and the death toll in LA has reached 1,000. In the US, more than 59,000 people have died from coronavirus and, while cases continue to soar every day, more than a million people are infected.

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