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The mayor of Pico Rivera and an aide are accused of illegally refunding money to a donor who financed the construction of an art gallery in the city's historic downtown, court documents released Tuesday show. The men are accused in federal court in Los Angeles of concealing the identity of the donor from Joanna Garcia, the mayor's former chief of staff, and two of her advisers.

Between December 2015 and April 2016, Camacho and Rojas instructed her to participate in Flores' campaign, which she then paid back to Deputy Dist. His company Del Terra Construction is prominently represented in a lawsuit filed by former school district chief Ruben Flores, who sued whistleblowers. His company is said to have received a multi-million dollar contract from his former employee Ruben Rojas, who left del Terra and is now the school district's commercial director.

City officials have launched a campaign for a newly renovated senior center, including a $1.5 million grant from the Los Angeles County Department of Health. The funds helped fund the construction of a new retirement community on the corner of Whittier and Paramount Boulevards. Other development measures include the construction of the Pico River Community Center, a 1,000-square-foot senior center on the southwest corner of Whittleier and Paramount Boulevards, and the renovation of an old elementary school on Paramount Boulevard.

There are nine parks and eight playgrounds in the city, including the Pico River Community Center, a 1,000-square-foot community center. There is a walk if you feel like going for a walk or sitting on a bench and just looking to watch children play.

Rivera Park features a hiking trail, an illuminated baseball and soccer field and a playground for children and adults. Pico Park had a walking path with trails, lighting for baseball and football fields and a playground for children. Rivera Park had a walkway and illuminated baseball and soccer fields with lights for boys and girls, but no playgrounds.

Rio Hondo Park had a footpath with paths, lighting for baseball and football fields, a lighted handball court and a playground for children. The Aquatic Center in Smith Park offered an Olympic swimming pool with changing room, swimming pool, gym, changing rooms, showers and showers.

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One of the main arteries of Pico Rivera, which runs from south to north, is Paramount Boulevard, which is not connected to Paramount Blvd in Montebello. There are two main streets in the city of PICO Rivera, Pico River Boulevard and Paramount Avenue. Main thoroughfares running west to east from Pica Rivera include Main Street, Main Avenue and the San Fernando Valley Freeway, as well as the Santa Ana River.

Singer Jeanette Jurado, a member of Expose, is a native of Pico Rivera who has lived in PICO Rivera since high school. Early in her career, she moved from her native Mexico City to Southern California and received an MFA from the Art Center College of Design. Mendez has exhibited internationally and given residencies and has received numerous awards for her work in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Mexico. She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of California, Los Angeles and has exhibited internationally.

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